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Ayurvedic Astrology

Ayurvedic Astrology

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It's time to understand how the physical and mental body interacts with the cosmos.  Learn about your prakruti and vikruti (constitution and current state of imbalance) through your chart, and how to identify which planets, signs, and houses cause various dis-ease processes.  You will also identify when these processes might occur, and what types of medical conditions you may be prone to, so that you can apply free will to prevent their occurrence.  For example, if your chart indicates that you could develop diabetes, then you will take measures to watch your diet and lifestyle, well before any disease process occurs.  We will also explore ayurvedic remedies including herbs, dietary, and yoga practices to support your unique make-up - and also deepen our understanding of mantra as another very supportive measure.

You will learn how to read the chart of others in this way as well, understanding how a planetary imbalance can manifest as physical dis-ease, and supporting them in their journey to joy and good health.  

Online and interactive with Joti Tejprem Kaur - where your chart will be used to explain the teachings. 

Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm
12 Weeks
Starting January 18, 2022
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Planetary Ayurveda Advice from Joti

Schedule a consultation with Joti to receive your personalized Planetary and Ayurvedic prescription, to support your unique constitution and current state of imbalance.

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