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Joti Tejprem Kaur

Personalize Vedic Astrology Birth Chart with Reading

Personalize Vedic Astrology Birth Chart with Reading

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In partnership between Rachel Kienitz Art and Joti Tejprem Kaur, you can now receive a Personalized Vedic Astrology Birth Chart for you and your loved ones.

You are a unique being - there is no one like you on this planet and you arrived here at a particular point in time and space. The astrology birth chart tells the story of you! It’s a map that reveals the precise location of each of the planets and which constellation they occupied as you entered the world.

In this chart, the hand-painted planets are personified to show their individual characteristics and special little quirks. This helps you get to know them (and thus you!) on an intimate level.

Designed to be a visual representation of your own astrology chart, the Sidereal Birth Chart is brimming with information and stunningly beautiful so that you can display it proudly in your home.

To read the creation story of this offering, click here.


  • 16” x 20” on thick archival acid free paper.

  • Available for Shipping or Pick up - please specify at checkout. Will arrive rolled in a shipping tube for protection either way.

  • Comes with a printable blueprint that will explain everything in the chart. This will be emailed to you after purchase.

  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for lead time (not including shipping).

***Sidereal (or Vedic) Astrology is a little different than Tropical (or Western) Astrology. The primary difference between the two systems is where the signs are placed in the sky. The Sidereal system is based on the current position of the constellations while the Tropical system is based on where the stars were around 0 AD.***

Includes a printed Vedic Astrology reading including your Vimshottari Dasha (cycle of time) when certain planets will be under rule of your life, so that you can predict upcoming time cycles in the life of you and your loved ones.  

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